The only therapy that provides long-lasting pain relief, reducing the need for pain medication and surgery

Chronic pain sufferers live with constant, debilitating pain


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The Challenge


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The initial clinical focus of Hydrobloc is treating chronic osteoarthritis pain

Osteoarthritis is a disabling and progressive condition that wears away the bone and cartilage in joints such as the knee and hip, causing chronic pain. 

 Osteoarthritis affects over


Osteoarthritis patients

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Margaret Devaney

"Most days, like a lot of my friends with this condition, I have to take tablets just to get moving in the morning. For me, the biggest thing is the side effects, the tablets help me but with the side effects like upset stomach and reflux, its just not worth it. I have great hopes that Alison and her team will find a treatment that works without causing such terrible side effects"

Margaret, who is living with osteoarthritis and is based in the west of Ireland recently described the impact of the disease on her life in the documentary "The patient Effect"

The Patient Effect

The Solution

Hydrobloc is a drug-replacement treatment that effectively relieves chronic pain and keeps people active for longer.





Injectable Hydrogel

“A unique aspect of Hydrobloc is the impact it will have on peoples’ lives.  We have kept the voice of the patient at the heart of our research and development to ensure that our transformative treatment meets their needs." - Dr Alison Liddy Project Lead

Being active:

  • helps reduce pain and inflammation

  • improves join support and lubrication

  • helps maintain a healthy weight

  • supports positive mental health

Hydrobloc is the first non-surgical treatment that lasts for up to 9 months, allowing patients to stay active for longer.


We now know that physical activity is vitally important in managing arthritis

Current Stage

of Development

The technology is currently under intense development in the laboratory before it can proceed to clinical testing. The results from early research are extremely positive. 

The first targeted use for Hydrobloc is the treatment of chronic osteoarthritis, but there is enormous potential to apply our technology for further pain-related diseases.


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